2 x Battery WeinCell MRB 625 - 1.35 V zinc/air - replaces PX 625 PX13 MR9

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Seller: excellentis (9,465) 99.7%, Location: Milano, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 253369133575 1.35 V zinc/air battery WeinCell MRB 625 (PX625 – MR9) The WeinCell MRB 625 is a custom zinc/air battery designed to replace banned mercury batteries. Unlike 1.5 V. alkaline replacements such as the LR9 whose unstable output can produce exposure errors, MRB 625 deliver the same 1.35 voltage and stability of output as did the mercury batteries. In contrast to hearing aid battery only last 1 month, the MRB 625 batteries last much longer, some time up to a year. To use the MRB 625 battery, the adhesive tab must be removed. This allows air to enter the cell. After about 120 minutes battery is fully activated and ready for use. Can be used in Nikkormat F, Canon F1, Leica M5, Olimpus OM1, Minolta SRT, Pentax Spotmatic F, Gossen Luna-Pro, Canon Canonet, Miranda Sensorex, Yashica Lynx 14 e Yashica Mat 124/124G and many other; see at the foot of the page. Replacement for PX625, PX13, EPX625, V625PX, MR09, MR9, H-D, HD, RPX625, RM625, KX625, HD1560, 1124MP, Mallory RM-625R, Eveready E625N, Burgess HG-625R, 4370, 4371, V13PX, EPX13, V625PX, HD625, PN625, RM625, 4625, 625, H1560, D-D, M01, M20 o 8930 Gössen Lunasix & Luna Pro S The use of the MRB625 WeinCells in the Gossen Lunasix 3 & Luna Pro S meter can be problematic because the central negative contact of the battery holder has sprung elements which have a dimension greater than the diameter of the negative terminal of the WeinCell. This can result in the cell being short circuited! The original PX625 negative terminal is 11mm whereas the WeinCell MRB625 is only 8mm. By placing a 13mm brass washer over the sprung arms this problem can be solved. Therefore, for use in the Lunasix 3 Gossen ask for the free of charge 13mm conductive washer. Gössen Lunasix 3 and Luna Pro S need 2 batteries. Type: Zinc/Air – Voltage: 1,35 V – Capacity: 520 mAh Dimensions: diameter 15,25 mm, height 5,4 mm Packaging Light in bubble envelope, with label Delivery We will always ship within 3 working days, most times next day, after payment has cleared. If you don’t want to insure international posting, we can’t be responsible. Payment We expect payment within 7 working days. If these is a problem, please contact me, we can work anything out. If we don’t hear from you within 7 working days, we relist the item. Return Return accepted only within 7 days when buyer sign for post delivery. Buyer will pay for return postage cost. Buyer shall return item with full insure delivery and cover up to item price. Buyer shall return item on same condition when seller send item to buyer Feedback Please let us know if you are unhappy about anything with this transaction before leaving anything but positive 5 star feedback. We want you’ll be satisfied and 100% happy. 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